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metrocitizenmetrocitizen Member
edited May 2014 in Off Topic Discussions
Hello, I really hope this is the right place to ask. But I'm updating vanilla forums from 2.0 to 2.1. It seems it has broken the nebula theme.

The positioning of items are no longer inline and out of place. Also, when clicking on a thread, I get an error like so.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function WriteCommentFormHeader() in /home/aldajl/www/jtforums/forums/applications/vanilla/views/post/comment.php on line 17

You guys have any clues on how I can fix this?


  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    Hello @metrocitizen

    Unfortunately, Nebula does not support Vanilla 2.0 as of now.

    I am quite busy these days and looking for some help to make it compatible with 2.1. Can you help for everyone's benefit.
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