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MarkMark Member
I have installed Google Drive and the Default folder is in Libraries or My Documents in Windows in C Drive. I would like to move it to another drive? I cannot find any setting to change in the preferences section.


  • mohsinmohsin Member Entry Level
    edited May 2014
    Follow these steps:

    [Important: You will have to download all data again. ]

    1. First, Disconnect your account from the Google Drive. For this, you will have to click on Google Drive icon in the System Tray (the one with clock), go to preferences and then click on Disconnect button.

    2. Now since your account is disconnected, your files will not sync, but they will remain in your Google Drive folder. Delete the entire folder now, as we will set up another folder.

    3. Now click again on the Drive icon from the system tray. Sign-in with the account you want to set up Google Drive.

    4. Now select Advance setup. This is the most important step which will let you choose your prefered destination for the Drive folder.

    5. Now click on Change button, and specify the folder location or an existing folder. Please remember that existing folder must be empty.

    6. You are done. Your files will be synced with this new folder location.

    By default, Google selects C:\Users\[your name]\Google Drive but with just these simple steps, you can easily change Google Drive folder location.
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