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I have been a Google user for about 5 or 6 years now. I have had an Android for over 3. (2 phones, 2 tablets, and Google TV). I am just wondering, am I the only one who gets mad when Google decides to end support for things? I have been on XMPP for over 2 years now. Google used to support it but they decided to drop support. They are doing the same exact thing with Google Voice. I know it's being added into Hangouts (eventually) but that means they are dropping VoIP support as well. I love the services they have and I love that they are free, but why do they have to make such awesome products then drop the support a few years later :/ Where does it stop!? Comment your thoughts.


  • BroniBroni Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    Even I hate this ruthless behavior of Google. Say, Google Talks was great, everything was working fine, then what was the actual need for Hangouts?

    I like them for the fact that they make free and quality products but then they discontinue them abruptly.
  • I agree with you! Hangouts hasn't done what it could have done. Sure they added "SMS" support but not with Google Voice. Not as of yet I should say (Let's hope they do). Google Voice still has the black bar over it on a Desktop and the Android app is hideous. I mean come on G
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