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royjiroyji Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
Recently, I have tried to download an image from the new Play Store but the option was to save it as (dot)WEBP extension. Is it a new file format? I have never heard it before? How can I save or download image in normal extension from it?

After downloading, I have tried to renamed it as png and jpg, but looks like the image has corrupted and cannot be opened.


  • CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
    edited July 2013
    WEBP is relatively new file format developed by Google specially for displaying images in browsers. I will try to explain it as easy as I can below.

    What is WEBP?

    #. New image format developed by Google.

    #. On the lines of JPG and PNG but file size is about 20-30% lower.

    #. Supported by Chrome and Opera as of now.

    #. Pronounced as "weppy".

    #. Google plans to use this new format in all its products.

    #. To view it on Windows, you need WebP codec or plugin from here.

    #. Example -


    #. Official site with technical description is here.

    How to download or save image from WebP?

    You will have to convert WebP files to regular image formats such as png or jpg to view them. After downloading a WebP file, head over to cloudconvert or online-convert and convert it. After conversion, you can download it as a regular image file.
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