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I love this forum! I run into one issue sadly. I don't know if I have my configurations wrong or what, but I never get notifications for:

  1. Some one commenting on post

  2. Replies to comments

  3. New comments on posts Never mind. I will start following posts. Should help I hope :P

I have email notifications turned off and popups on, but are they temporary popups? I have to be on the site to see them or do they tick near my username.

TL;DR: I don't get notifications. Please help!


  • CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
    There are 2 types of notifications in this forum -

    1) Email notifications: whose settings you can change from profile.

    2) Pop-ups: Temporary messages displayed for short duration. Have same settings.

    They are temporary and will disappear once you see them. If they are many, they can get lost.

    Now the red ticks near username are only for certain important cases like when someone mentions user name or sends you message. They will remain until checked but they are really for important events.
  • I got one for this post :D I just don't when some one mentions my user name. I guess I'll turn the email ones back on and make a special folder :) Thanks!
  • CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
    You will get for the discussions/topics you start.

    Don't die of email overload :P
  • Collins said:

    You will get for the discussions/topics you start.

    Don't die of email overload :P

    I only get 250 MB with my hosting service :o haha
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