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AbhishekAbhishek AdminAdministrator Big Time
edited July 2013 in Meta
A community is driven by its members. They are its identity and soul. A community prospers when its members progress and the vice versa. As members are our asset, this community is honored to introduce Badges and Point system for them. Below are few questions that will help you better understand this functionality.

Q. What are badges?

Badges are awards that you earn by your contribution towards the community. Badges give you recognition and respect between the members. Also, each badge will confer some points which can be exchanged later for prizes.

Q. Where are my badges?

You can find your badges in profile section.

Q. How many types of badges are there?

Currently there are three types of badges. We plan to include more in near future.

BadgeThe Charter badge is awarded to the founding members of the forum. They were here from the beginning.
BadgeThe anniversary badge is awarded with respect to number of years with us. They are starting to be a fixture of the forum! More the number; Senior the member.
BadgeThe comment badge is awarded according to number of comments. It means that you are staying with us and contributing! Commenting is the best way to get involved.

Now, there are different badges within each type. Depending on the numbers, you can have multiple badges of same type. For example, if you have made 15 comments then you will get two badges of the same commenting type. One for 1 comment and second for crossing 10 comments. More details in next question.

Q. What does number represent in a badge?

The number in the badge is its level. Higher the level, bigger the player. For example, a third level comment badge means you have posted more than 50 comments.

BadgeFor your 1st comment
BadgeFor your 10th comment
BadgeFor your 50th comment
BadgeFor your 100th comment
And so on.

Q. What are points?

Points are your karma, your experience or contribution numbered. It reflects how much good you have done for the community. The best way to earn these points is through healthy discussions. These points will earn you gifts and prizes.

Each badge awards you +5 points. Charter badge will honor +10 points.

For example, if you have made 15 comments then you will get two badges. One for 1 comment and second for crossing 10 comments.


  • Nice! I love the idea! Get's more engagement!
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    Well, I am trying for non-verbal engagement with 'like' or 'thanks' button below each post.

    Will try to implement it in next few hours.
  • SankarSankar Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    edited July 2013
    Badges are nice. You made them?

    Yes, It would be lovely to have a 'like' button just as in facebook. How about 'unlike' button?

    Edit: I am starting on Google Plus. Will post interesting finding here. How can I earn some more badges?
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