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SankarSankar Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
edited July 2013 in Chrome
Google is slowly rolling out Chrome App Launcher. Today I happen to download one app from Webstore in Chrome Canary which automatically led to installation of App Launcher in my Windows 7.



This is what I have experienced -

#. Just like Windows Start button, it has all Apps you have installed from Chrome. It does not list extensions or themes.

#. The search at top will let you see installed apps, your bookmarks, history, suggested apps and lastly perform Google search. Call it a better address bar.

#. Right clicking apps behave similarly as in right clicking apps in new tab blank page.

#. Settings let you sign-in with Google account to sync apps and have normal chrome settings.

#. If you have multiple users on Chrome, each user will have their own app launcher.

#. It is still buggy. App Launcher opens as popup like Start Menu in its place but moves to rightmost side as soon as you start typing something. As if it is trying to replace Start button.

As of now, it's just saving me a click. Not so useful as I thought.


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