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CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
edited July 2013 in YouTube

The red progress bar on the top of new YouTube will display the page content loading progress while the video is buffering. It means that the video will start playing much before the entire page loads.

The newer and faster YouTube will support parallel processing and pre-loading. Parallel processing enables page contents (JS, CSS and Player) to download together on your web page, not one by one as in case of traditional method. YouYube will also preload related or suggested videos in the background so that they are instantly available if someone decides to click on them.

According to John Harding, YouTube's core engineering team leader,
If a user can click a video and it starts to play within 200 milliseconds, the user will perceive it as being essentially instant. That's the goal. With a service like Netflix or HBO Go, users don't mind waiting a minute or so for a video to cache (aka "start loading up"), because they're about to watch something longer anyway. YouTube, where the average video length is much shorter, can't afford that to have users waiting like that.
These methods will at least increase response time by 20%.


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