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rahulthewallrahulthewall Member Entry Level
I have been using this feature to double click to close tab in Firefox and Notepad++ and it has become sort of my habit. It would be nice if this feature gets in Chrome.

So far I have found pathetic Chrome extensions that claim to close tab on double mouse click but on empty space on web page not on tab.


  • CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
    Don't go for 3rd party extensions. Instead use Chrome Toolbox, an official extension from Google team. Under the tab settings, you will find your option to enable Double click on a tab to close it. Select it and then restart your chrome.

    Chrome Toolbox Options

    By the way, if you are comfortable with middle click then no need to install any extension. This is default behavior present in all Chrome versions. Just a single middle click from mouse closes that tab.
  • hsirhsir Member Entry Level
    just put your cursor point to the close button [x], and try imaging the button as the tab, and do a double clicking, and you get it.
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