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JEMMOLEO520JEMMOLEO520 Member Entry Level
edited July 2013 in Chrome
Is there anyway Chrome can use Firefox extensions/plugins?


  • CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
    It depends on type of extensions/plugins.

    Firefox and Chrome uses different software architecture and hence things that work on one does not necessary work on another.

    If the firefox plugin is entirely made up of javascript, then it would be a trivial task to package it as chrome extension. If it uses firefox specific functions, then I am afraid it wont be possible.

    For security reasons, Chrome allows only java-script in extensions but not native functions like those provided by firefox. Hence, the disparity.

    By the way, you can convert Chrome extensions to firefox plugins from here -
  • JEMMOLEO520JEMMOLEO520 Member Entry Level
    Thank you for explaining as to how extensions are written in different coding or languages. Since I am not a programmer, I was not aware of this and it makes a bit more sense now.

    I do hope someday that there will be a way of making universal extensions to work on all the major and even some of the minor browsers out there, so all can have what they need, in the browser of their choice.

    Thank you for the link and yes, I had seen a video about converting Chrome to FF plugins on You Tube and was not aware of this site you mentioned, until seeing it used in the video.
    I will check the site out and Thanks so much, again!
  • hsirhsir Member Entry Level
    just find the alternative extensions by searching.
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