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Some time back, when Google plus was launched I actively used it. I have made few good friends and connections. But after some time I got bored and stopped using it. Now few months back, I have changed my gmail id to more professional one and kept the old id as archive because I do not wanted to merge Google accounts to keep things simple. Using a new Gmail id gave me a fresh start and I am very happy with it.

Now, I want to go back to Google Plus. But I am afraid that I have to again waste time to make same connections or even to find old friends. I don't want a new start here but rather use my old Google+ profile with new email address. How do I merge my old Google Plus account with new one?


  • SankarSankar Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    edited June 2013
    It's really easy to merge any two Google plus accounts provided that:

    - Both accounts had never been merged with any other account before
    - You have not used this method in last 6 months.

    The good news is merging is officially supported meaning that we are not tricking the system. The Bad news is not everything can be merged.

    You can also in fact merge your Gmail accounts but since you wanted a fresh start, here is what you need to do -

    Warning: Be absolutely sure that you want to join two accounts. Once the process starts, it cannot be rolled back. Also, you cannot use this method for next 6 months.

    1. Head to Google Takeout. Go to Google+ Circles transfer tool.

    Google Takeaway - transfer Google Plus Circles

    2. Request a transfer. Your circles, settings, friends, followers and ignored profiles will be transferred.

    moving data between google accounts

    3. Google will give you 7 days waiting cum warning period. After this period, the circle transfer will start which cannot be undone.

    4. That’s all. Your old account circles will get transferred to new account within 48 hours after 7 day waiting cum warning period.

    Please note that during the transfer process you will not be able to make any updates to both the accounts.

    As previously said, this will only transfer Google Plus connections to another account. You will have to manually transfer photos, profile data, stream, and other information. Head again to Google Takeout and download your data. Now start uploading it one by one.
  • elitefireninja elitefireninja Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    Also note that though this will replace your old account with new account in other people's circle but your old profile will still exists with the same data.

    Its better to delete old profile.
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