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SystemSystem BotEntry Level
edited June 2013 in Blog Comments

imageWatch YouTube Blocked Videos Not Available in Your Country

Some videos are not available in your country due to music copyright claims, location restrictions or govt. complains. However you can bypass and unblock YouTube videos with help of specific tools.

Read the full story here


  • CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
    edited June 2013
    I have been using ProxTube. Looks likek time to switch.

    For others, here is one image for better understanding on proxy servers -

    How Proxy Server Works
  • SankarSankar Confirm Email, Member Entry Level

    Indian govt is known to block many youtube urls (Example)

    Now they are unescapable.
  • hsirhsir Member Entry Level
    edited July 2013
    it cant be hard. just phone one of your friends or starngers in that country to watch the video and let him/her phone back to tell you what is on the video. it's safe and easy.
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