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rabbit01rabbit01 Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
edited September 2012 in Chrome
When I run Chrome and for some reason go to Task Manager, I see multiple Chrome.exe processes that takes up too much memory. But I have only one instance of chrome running. I want to free my memory. Why does it always happen?

Example - Chrome in Task Manager


  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    This happens because of the way Chrome is made.

    In simple terms, for every tab Chrome makes a new process in your computer. So if webpage of that tab freezes or something bad happens then it will not crash or hang Chrome but will only make that tab unresponsive.

    This is also called sandboxing, which means each process has its playground on processor to do its activity. This was introduced when Chrome was launched as stable release and later all other browsers(Firefox, IE) followed it.

    And for the memory part, don't sum up all the memories as they as over lapped. The exact measure is provided by about:memory page.

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