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SystemSystem BotEntry Level
edited July 2012 in Gmail
Sort Gmail by Subject, Size, Labels and Sender
Gmail is based on search and not sort but you can trick search operators and filters for sorting gmail messages by subject, size, sender, label, date etc.


  • Hi peeps, Great article except it doesn't address my reason for getting here... Let me explain, I'm looking to sort by sender. This article suggests that this is built in to Gmail but it actually filters by sender it doesn't sort. Do you think you could update to show some java script that will list the emails by sender in alphabetical order the way you have with the subjects? Once again great information. Cheers.

  • MarkMark Member
    Thats difficult task. We will have to fetch all the mails and then sort them but with javascript we can play only with on-screen present elements only. So, I dont think javascript can do something here.

    Another workround could be using thunderbird where you can have multiple sorting optons and backup on your computer as well.
  • ...or you can just use Yahoo Mail. I know it's not as "hip" as Gmail, but is equally as robust and advanced as any desktop client, while being cloud based.
  • a) How do you sort only the last 200 gmail inbox messages alphabetically by Subject?... b) Or what workarounds, kludges are there to do it unofficially?...
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    @thesak sorry no workarounds available except using Thunderbird.

    Try it. You wont regret.
  • DaveRappDaveRapp Member Entry Level
    I'm still baffled by why Google would choose to implement such a useless paradigm. WE ALL WANT TO SORT by size, sender, attachment, date, etc. What was Google thinking? This sucks.
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    [Repeating from facebook page]

    Gmail system is optimized for searching and not sorting. If they provided an option for sorting, this will make the whole process really slow that the users will get frustrated in the mean time.

    I am sure they are aware of this problem, but they cant help it as it would lead to negative user experience.
  • Having more options does not automatically make a program, a web page, or other application slower. Granted web pages with mo re elements may load more slowly, but that does not make it slow.

    Fortunately, Gmail is not written by Microsoft where things load and run in the background even when you are not using it. The obvious issue is that Google is sitting on its collective laurels, or something else at the moment.
  • lowufolowufo Member
    Easiest way to sort all e-mails by sender is to use the IMAP interface and use Outlook as your e-mail program. This technique has made my e-mail life easier and more productive.
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