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nehaneha Member Entry Level
edited December 2011 in Chrome
When I open several tabs n Google Chrome then it starts working very slow. This is a common problem if I don't shut down my laptop for many days. All other applications work fine, but Chrome reacts very slow. 

When I run task manager, it shows that Chrome has taken lots of memory space nearly 1 GB for few sites. Even the CPU utilization is very high. I have the latest version of chrome, but why this fastest browser is acting so slow?



  • adityaaditya Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    Hi @neha,

    have you tried  "Purge Memory" as command line switch in Chrome.

    It is a simple way which creates a new button in the inbuilt Task Manager of Chrome. To view the task manager, press Shift+Esc simultaneously or go to the Wrench > Tools menu. This will solve most of your memory problem. Follow these steps -

    1) Right-click on the Chrome icon and go to "Properties."
    2) Select the target box that ends in "chrome.exe."
    3) Put a space after whatever is written and then add "--purge-memory-button" (without the quotation marks.
    4) Restart Chrome.

    You have added a new command line which inturn adds a "Purge Memory" button in "Task Manager."

    So, when ever you feel that Chrome is acting real slow, press Shift+Esc to open task manager and then select that and purge memory button. This will kill and release the trapped memory and also will lead to less CPU utilization.

  • JeevanJeevan Moderator Entry Level
    Hello Neha,
    I hope aditya has given you the perfect solution for this issue. Just follow it, You will see some relaxation in memory used by chrome. You can also increase the virtual memory of your system in computer setting. I hope it will not let your chrome get slow down.

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