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mohsinmohsin Member Entry Level
Though Google Photos are a nice utility ( Instant Upload, Auto Backup, Availability at different devices) it is terrible with organizing and downloading. You cannot mark certain pictures and download them directly and worse if they are not arranged in albums, you are in a mess.

Here is a step by step guide to download pictures from Google Photos:

# Step 1: Go to Google Drive

# Step 2: Click "Apps" > "More" > "Photos" > "All photos"

# Step 3: Now select the images by moving your mouse to left corner, holding your left mouse button and dragging a box around all your photos.

# Step 4: Unselect the ones you dont want to download.

# Step 5: Click "More" > "Download".

I wonder why Google has made it this difficult to download images on computer. It should not be that hard to implement with single middle click select and download option.

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