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NikolaNikola Administrator Entry Level
edited February 2015 in Gmail
Dropbox for Gmail extension allows you to add files from your dropbox account directly in your compose box in Gmail. You can also upload files to your dropbox account from Gmail and so there won't be any attachment size limit and it won't eat email space. This functionality is same as adding files from Google Drive. The link of the attachment gets shared, however the actual file remains on the cloud.


How to Add Dropbox Files to Gmail Messages

First, install the official dropbox extension for Gmail from the webstore. Then. click on the dropbox icon while composing messages. For the first time, you might have to login into your dropbox account. Now, you can see all your files and folders in your dropbox account. Select the folder/file to be shared and the link will be aded to the mail automatically.


You can also use the extension to upload files from Gmail interface to your Dropbox account direcly.

If you are frequent user of Dropbox, we highly recommend this extension as it saves your email storage quota and attachment size limits. Of course, you can use Google Drive too for the same purpose.

Dropbox for Gmail Beta Extension
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