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NikolaNikola Administrator Entry Level
Profile manager present at top right corner in Chrome helps you instantly switch profiles with a click. Switching profiles loads your personalized Chrome settings like bookmarks, extensions etc through account synchronization. However it could be annoying for few users who have only one profile do not wish to complicate their workflow.


How to Disable Profile Manager Menu in Chrome

Step 1: Type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit Enter key. You will be taken to Chrome's internal configuration page which controls the settings of the browser. Word of caution - Please do not change anything without thoroughly understanding it. Any incorrect setting can cause Chrome to malfunction.

Step 2: Press F3 or Ctrl+F and search for “Enable new profile management system”.

Step 3: Select Disable from the dropdown and re-launch Chrome.


Profile Manager should now be disabled. To revert, follow the same steps but select Enable.

Note: Profiles can still be managed from Chrome Settings > People section

Recommendations: Profiles are excellent way to synchronize data across devices and it helps during backups. If you regularly share your Chrome with friends and family, then you should definitely enable profiles to safeguard your bookmarks, settings and themes.
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