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mohsinmohsin Member Entry Level
edited December 2014 in Google
Follow these simple steps to start typing in Hindi:

Step 1-
Install Google Hindi Input in your phone.

Step 2-
After installation, go to "Google Hindi Input" application which you have just installed. You will find this icon in your menu - image

Step 3-
Select "Hindi and Hinglish" keyboard and click on Next button.

Step 4-
Select any theme, click on Next button.

Step 5-
Click on the "Enable Google Hindi Input" button.

Step 6-
Tick mark "Google Hindi Input".

Step 7-
Click on OK button.

Step 8-
Click on back button, you should see the "Enabled" as in below image:

Step 9-
Now Click on "Select Google Hindi Input". You should see "Selected" as in below image:


You can now use Hindi Keyboard for all applications including whatsapp, facebook, SMS and messages.


Learn to type in Hindi from this video:

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