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AbhishekAbhishek AdminAdministrator Big Time
edited November 2014 in Chrome
Google is giving an upgrade to the Bookmarks. For now, its available as Chrome's extension but in future it might be available as separate web product and as a mobile app.

Chrome's extension for Google Bookmark Manager

Not only they are now good looking, huge improvements for functionality has been added, noticeably search and share features.

Search is the most powerful features that makes this extension compelling. Now when you search, Google will not only search from bookmark titles and URLs, but also from the content of the bookmark page as well.


Another promising feature is automatic inclusion of images and description from the URL you have bookmarked. Also, you can make any folder publicly accessible by sharing it through a link.


One tough challenge Google will face here is from Pocket, which is an awesome bookmark manager for personal use, available for mobiles and on different browsers as well. If Google is going to let this product big (for collecting more users data) then within few months we can expect it as another Google web product and mobile app.

Chrome's extension for Google Bookmark Manager
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