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SystemSystem BotEntry Level
edited September 2013 in Blog Comments

image5 Best Google Desktop Search Alternatives

Long live Google Desktop Search. Thankfully, we have some alternative freewares that does similar indexing, searching and launching files in Windows.

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  • juergwinklerjuergwinkler Member Entry Level
    Don't forget the tiny "locate32" search tool, which is fast, portable and easy to use. locate32 can also index NAS Servers as well. I combine "everything with "locate32". Kind regards, Jürg Winkler
  • Another alternative for Google Desktop Search is Lookeen. It is not free but you can check it out and see for yourself if it is worth the money with the free 14-days trial version.
    Best Regards,
    Disclaimer: I work for Axonic - vendor of Lookeen
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