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ThomasRThomasR Confirm Email, Member
edited July 2013 in Chrome
I am looking for replacement of my favorite firefox addon Morning Coffee as a Chrome Extension. So far, I am regular Chrome user but I have to use Firefox once in a day to get my daily tech updates. I can't leave Firefox because of this addon. All my favorite site are binded to this and an alternate Chrome extension will be God's send gift.


  • CollinsCollins Moderator Entry Level
    edited July 2013
    There is no exact replica replacement of Morning Coffee but this Daily Links extension is pretty close to it. Though the UI is shady and looks terrible but people claim that it works flawlessly.

    If you can, ask the developer to port it in Chrome. In the meantime, I can tell you a decent workaround.


    First: Open bookmarks bar by Ctrl+Shift+B

    Second: Right Click on it and select new folder. Name it whatever you want. In this example, we have named it Evening timepass.

    Third: Open some of your routine sites and drag them into that folder.

    Fourth: Now whenever you want to open them up, right thick on that folder and select open links.

    You can open them in new window if you don't want to merge it with existing work.

    I have never used Morning Coffee but after you told me, I dived in and researched for it. It is pretty good piece of software. Automatically opens up chosen sites on the days you select. Chrome extension is not available at the moment but I guess the workaround should be sufficient.
  • hsirhsir Member Entry Level
    no alternative plugin needed. just use a deep color pen and write your daily routine onto your screen. its easy, safe, and easy-wiping.
  • SkowtSkowt Member Entry Level
    There is a new extension for Chrome that has been made recently that should have what you are looking for:
  • Thanks Skowt that's exactly what I've been looking for
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