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mohsinmohsin Member Entry Level
edited January 2012 in Google
Google Plus has beautiful image viewer. But the problem is that I am unable to find any option to delete the image. By mistake, I have uploaded one image twice, I want to delete one of them. How to do it?


  • Hi, I just upload a whole album and I don't see any option to edit or remove it. and i'm starting to piss off because i have work to do with that album and not have an option to move forwart with it. So my question is, Hopw to remove or edit the album in google +?
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    The delete button is hidden under options. Watch for it on bottom-left side and upon selecting, you will get option to download and delete the picture and to manage comments. See this picture - 


    To delete an entire album, you have to first go to your photos and select the album. Then  from the options button you can delete the entire album as shown here - 


    Too bad for Google team to make deleting so confusing.
  • booboo Member Entry Level
    Thank you Abhishek. I finally found it. However, on my phone, and my tablet, delete was not hidden under options at the bottom. It was hidden under actions at the top, approximately centered above the photo, once I clicked on it.
    If you are still struggling, here are step by step directions:
    After you have logged onto your google account (I typically log on throug gmail)and gone to "photos" (found under "more")
    1. click the photo you wish to delete.
    2. find and click actions, located at the top, near center of your photo
    3. select delete photo from the drop down list
    4. when asked "are you sure..." click yes
    And you're done.
    This was done from my Samsung tablet. I had tried from my phone and couldn't find it. Perhaps that was because I didn't know what I was looking for.

    Good luck.
  • Thank you! It looks different from what you have discussed, but I was able to find the delete feature at the top of the photo which was a big help.
  • allariajohnathallariajohnath Noogle Entry Level
    Hey, Boo.

    I tried to follow your steps, but I am using Gmail 2015 version. The Gmail arrangement has changed.

    May you list the steps again for someone like me who is using Gmail 2015?
  • NikolaNikola Administrator Entry Level
    Hello @allariajohnath,

    if you are using Gmail, then deleting the mail will delete the image.

    But in some cases, the gmail iamges are attached from either Google Drive or Google+. In that case, you will have to go to respective aaplication and delete the image from there.

    If you can share the screenshot of what you want, it will be helpful to diaganose.
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