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AbhishekAbhishek AdminAdministrator Big Time
edited July 2013 in Meta
Hello, I see some of you are new here. I know nothing except your user names. Share us your details and let us know how cool you are :) What's your name? Where do you come from? and other nifty details. 

I'll start - 

I am was a software engineer in Infosys for close to 3 years, then I left it for further studies. The salary was good there but there were several factors that prompted me to opt for MBA. Primarily was money and then the monotonous work. I wanted more challenges, more exposer and more learning. I figured MBA would be better than MS as marketing is more challenging than anything else. You have to sell something even if you hate it. So, I decided to head back to college, trying to learn something new everyday.

Then, I though why not MBA in Brand Management. It would be better for my blog and its niche. It wont be a regular MBA that other thousands of people do. If everything goes according to plan, soon I will be Brand Expert Specialist.

Check out my visual resume here.


  • elitefireninja elitefireninja Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    I liked your resume abhishek. 

    I am M,20 and designer. Needless to say, I have this love for Google and I love the way they design their products. Even Apple design is not so great and aesthetic then Google's design. Anyways, nice to meet you.
  • mohsinmohsin Member Entry Level
    HI all, I am mohsin from Pakistan. I am arts student and love to help people in their free time. I love playing cricket and belive that there is no game better than cricket. Basically, against people perceptions, we dont have anything against indians. Love thy neighbour. I want to be a big advertiser. Thats my dream. 
  • JeevanJeevan Moderator Entry Level
    Yes! Abhshek Sir has really a very nice Resume. 
    I am glad to see this thread and i request all new members to cope us to know them well. 
    For my formal intro I am just a final year Engineering students, Crazy for Tech, Passionate to know Google as much as i can. I love listening music and Enjoy blogging.

  • adityaaditya Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    Hi all.

    I am aditya from nagpur doing my BE in EC.  I aspire to get recruited in good tech company after college.
    I have a dog which is also my best friend.
  • meetshrirammeetshriram Member
    edited January 2012

    'm Sriram from Pune. Not exactly from Pune but belongs to a beautiful coastal place in Andhra Pradesh. Been here for work. Finely tuned with Java and much passionate about technology. so 'm part of both. Interested in inventing new scripts which parse html pages. Now more into jQuery. Part of this, everyday one of my script works to wish all my fellow associates on their And, the comments I receive gives much pleasure.

    Do catch me @meetshriram
  • Hi Guys!
    I am glad to see such a community here, You got a sweet name Gtricks.....Google Tricks! Hope to learn from you all and I will be happy to help you. I love technology and I blog a lot whatever I learn about technology. I just call Uncle to Google cause Google knows almost everything whatever we need. So I call it as Google Uncle, And I thank Google.
  • first time here dont realy know how to work it


  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    hello @kekekay2001,

    Tell us something about you in this thread. Whats your real name? Where are you from? What do you do? Do you love Google? If yes, tell us why? And other details.

    Gtricks Forum is the place to discuss all Google related things. Keep coming for checking interesting posts.
  • robotkoerrobotkoer Moderator
    edited April 2012
    I am robotkoer (robotdog in Estonian, real name Madis) and I am new moderator of this forum.
    I try to help all of you, as soon/much as I can.
    I will also post my Google-related concepts and probably some news.
    To learn more about me, see

    BTW: I joined this site on my birthday! :D
  • nehaneha Member Entry Level
    Hi All, I am Neha. 

    Born in Kanpur but brought up in Delhi. Completed my BSc and now working in office for local company. Nothing much love for Google, but just here for timepass.
  • Hi all,

    I'm Shathyan from Chennai who has completed Engineering in 2011 and now searching for job. I'm a blogger and content writer working part in
  • BroniBroni Confirm Email, Member Entry Level
    Hello google community,

    I am a 33 F webmaster from Timisoara, Romania.

    I love running my sites, working with clients and taking photos that are more or less terrible. For time pass I love to play with google and its products.
  • guerillaguerilla Member
    edited May 2012
    Hello everybody,

    My name is Dillon but I'm more commonly known as guerilla around the internet.
    I'm a 17 year old and loves to make websites as developer. For now i am working on my new site. It is under construction and i hope to get it build soon.

    I look forward to speaking to the community here more and learning as much as I possibly can and giving back any knowledge(what little i do have) to the community

  • ranjitmehmaranjitmehma Member Entry Level
    Hello I am Ranjit Singh from Punjab. Currently I am Placed in Igate Patni. Till I get the joining I am free on this forum :P. I am also maintaining a blog I really liked the forum theme and here to learn some new things and to share my own knowledge where it is possible
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    Welcome @ranjitmehma. Where are you posted?
  • ranjitmehmaranjitmehma Member Entry Level
    Hello Abhishek! Posting will be confirmed only after getting joining letter,although in offer letter Bangalore is mentioned.
  • Hello! I am John from South Florida. I found this site searching for help on GMAIL
  • pareshmayanipareshmayani Member
    edited June 2012
    Hi !!

    I am a TechnoTalkative, JavaCodeGeek, a DZone MVB, Speaker in various Android events, Author, passionate Blogger and a Software Engineer by profession. Currently working as a Mobile Application developer (Android, WP7, BlackBerry) in a company located at Ahmedabad, India. Having good skill over Android, Java. Active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions on StackOverflow to publishing articles with possible sample code. Holder of 18000 reputation on StackOverflow.

    Do catch me @pareshmayani
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    @pareshmayani great to have you here. I specially like you for 3 reasons.

    1. Even I am an ex software engineer and currently in Ahmedabad for MBA.
    2. Recently I brought my first android phone and was thinking to get and give help on android development.
    3. 18000 on stackoverflow is freaking awesome. Respect.

    Welcome to Gtricks forum. We are evolving, hope you will like it here.
  • @Abhishek if you are in ahmedabad currently lets plan to meet once. And thanx for warm welcome :)
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    Sure. Right now I am on vacations. Will let you know when I reach there.
  • abhishekanneabhishekanne Member
    edited July 2012
    Hello ... This is Abhishek . I am Java developer from Nagpur. I m GTUG Nagpur member and JUG Nagpur member. Also a java blogger:
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    Hi @Abhishekanne, Welcome to Gtricks forum. We have got great connection. Back in industry days, i always felt Java is more robust than dotNet which I was working on and infact my room-mate is from Nagpur.
  • @Abhishek Thanks for the warm welcome...!
  • habibhabib Member
    hello every one imm very happy to be here withe U gays im from algeria im glad to meet U toooooooo
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    Welcome @Habib. Nice to know you visit us regularly. We assure you to serve latest but also best news and tricks from Googleverse.
  • Dinesh777Dinesh777 Member
    edited September 2012
    Hi friends..I am Dinesh from Chennai.Working as a java developer.
    I love Google because they always try something new and innovative(though most of the products are not known by many people).
    keep posting. :)
  • AbhishekAbhishek Admin Administrator Big Time
    Hi @Dinesh777, Welcome to Gtricks Forum. Nice to meet another Indian here :)
  • Hi, I am kirit from Surat. and i working as PHP developer.
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